Sunday, November 30, 2014

Japan volcano: Mt Ontake rescue teams find 31 bodies

The bodies of 31 hikers have been found near the top of Japan's Mount Ontake a day after a sudden volcanic eruption.

The hikers were not breathing and their hearts had stopped. The search for a total of 45 missing climbers has now been called off for the night.

The volcano, about 200km (125 miles) west of Tokyo, erupted without warning on Saturday, spewing ash and rocks.

About 250 people were trapped on the slopes of the popular beauty spot, but most got down safely.

Japan is one of the world's most seismically active nations - but there have been no fatalities from volcanic eruptions since 1991, when 43 people died at Mount Unzen in the south-west.

First deaths confirmed
Saturday's eruption forced many of those on the mountain to make emergency descents through clouds of volcanic ash and falling rocks.

"The volcanic rocks fell like hailstones," one man said.
"We couldn't breathe so we covered our mouths with towels. We couldn't open our eyes either."

Another told reporters: "The volcanic ash was hurtling so fast I couldn't run away. I'm worried about people still on the mountain."

Almost 50 people were thought to have stayed on the mountain on Saturday night, reports said.

Rescue efforts will resume on Monday after an intense search on Sunday was called off because of toxic volcanic gases in the area.

It is understood 45 people are still listed as unaccounted for - including those found near the summit. There are fears that others could be buried under volcanic ash.

Four people were transported back down the mountain on Sunday and later confirmed dead, Japan's NHK News reported.

Japanese officials can only announce deaths after a formal doctor's examination.

Analysis: Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, BBC News, Tokyo
The question many people have been asking is - why were there hundreds of people on top of an active volcano? And, why was there no warning it was about to erupt?

The answer to the first question is that there are lots of active volcanos in Japan, and people hike on them all the time. I have done so myself. Mount Fuji is classed as an active volcano, and hundreds of thousands of people climb it every year.

In some ways the people caught in Saturday's eruption were very unlucky. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday at the peak of the autumn hiking season. Had it been a rainy Wednesday in June the chances are very few people would have been up there.

The question of no warning is harder to answer. Volcanologists point out this was a relatively small eruption, and that it was driven by super-heated steam and ash, not by lava being ejected from the magma chamber. That made it much more difficult to predict.

But it also meant that many of those caught up in the eruption survived. Had it been a large-scale eruption (like the one in 1979) with large pyroclastic flows, many more would have been killed.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nokia Lumia 530 review: not quite an upgrade

Here at TechCentral, we have long been fans of Windows Phone. We think it’s the perfect platform for new smartphone users or those people that want a no-fuss operating system. And Microsoft’s newest, the Nokia Lumia 530, is a great entry-level Windows Phone device for budget-conscious consumers.

The 530 has much to live up to. Its predecessor, the Lumia 520, was the best-selling Windows Phone device in its category in South Africa and worldwide.

The Lumia 530 resembles the 520, but it’s edges are more rounded. The phone still has a 4-inch liquid crystal display, but the screen quality has been upped ever so slightly — 480×854 pixels for a pixel density of 246ppi, up from the 520’s 480×800 pixels and 233ppi. It is also a little heavier and slightly thicker than its predecessor, but weighing in at 129g, with a girth of 11,7mm, this phone isn’t going to weigh heavily in your pocket.

The capacitive buttons on the Lumia 520, just below the screen, have been made part of the display, providing a much cleaner look to the phone’s front panel. The buttons and 3,5mm audio jack remain untouched, but Nokia removed the dedicated camera button on the side of the phone, which is a pity in our view.

The phone has a 1 430mAh battery (same as before) that will deliver talk time of about 13 hours. Battery life under normal usage conditions should last just more than a day. There’s a 1,2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor powering the device. It’s enough grunt to ensure Windows Phone runs reasonably smoothly.

Compared to last year’s model, the Lumia 530 has been trimmed in two important areas. Firstly, the internal flash storage has been cut from 8GB to just 4GB, though this can be expanded by way of a microSD memory card up to 128GB. Secondly, the 530’s video recording capabilities are not as good — the 520 was able to shoot video at a respectable 720p at 30fps, but it’s only 480p, also at 30fps, on the new phone. The camera keeps a 5-megapixel sensor, although its now a fixed-focus shooter — the Lumia 520 had auto focus. There is no rear flash or front-facing camera either, but this is not unique to entry-level smartphones.

We can only imagine that Nokia has pared these features in an effort to bring down the 530’s price. The 520 was introduced last year at R1 899; the 530 costs R550 less, even though the rand has weakened substantially against both the dollar and the euro in the same period.

As with other Lumia phones, this one features an array of brightly coloured and replaceable back covers, available in bright green, bright orange, white and dark grey.

Basic connectivity options are supported, including 3G cellular and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi. The phone can be used as a hotspot. It also has full GPS support.

The Lumia 530 comes with a number of applications, including Facebook, Skype, MixRadio, Office and OneDrive. Users get 15GB of free OneDrive storage when they sign up.

Considering its price, it’s hard not to love what the entry-level Lumia 530 has to offer. If you have a Lumia 520, though, the upgrade might not seem as appealing as it would have been with an improved camera and video recording capabilities.

The Lumia 530 has a recommended retail price of R1 349. There’s also a dual-Sim version for sale online. The Orange store has it for R1 435.  — © NewsCentral Media

Monday, November 10, 2014


Self-confidence is one aspect of personality that is very important in human life. Self confident people are confident about their own abilities and have realistic expectations, even when their expectations are not realized; they stayed positive and can take it.

Self-confidence is a mental or psychological condition of a person who gives a strong confidence in him to do or perform any act. People who do not believe in themselves have a negative self-concept, lack of confidence in his ability, because it is often kept to them. Self confidence is a mental or psychological condition, which individuals can evaluate the entirety of her strong belief in giving him the ability to take action in achieving various goals in life.
People who have good self-confidence, they have positive feelings toward themselves, have strong beliefs on him and had accurate knowledge of the capabilities. People who have good self-confidence are not the only person who feels capable of (but not really afford) but is a person who knows that he can be caused by experience and calculation that he did.
Synonyms:  aplomb, inner strength, positive self-image, self-assurance

Personality traits of people with low self-confidence
When this is linked to the practice of everyday life, people who have low self-confidence or have lost confidence, tend to feel / be as below:
• Do not have anything (desires, goals, targets) which fought energetically
• Do not have a decision to step decisive
• Easily frustrated or give up when faced with a problem or difficulty
• Less motivated to go forward, laziness or half and half
• Often fails to accomplish its tasks or responsibilities
• Awkward in dealing with people
• Can not demonstrate the ability to speak and the ability to listen to a convincing
• Often have unrealistic expectations
• Too perfectionist
• Too sensitive

Help: low self-confindence
Counselling,  life coaching, and hypnotherapy are common therapies used to help improve self-confidence.

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is something that can make a mother feel happy. Keeping the baby in the womb to grow healthy and born alive is to be performed by a pregnant woman. The gestation period will determine the child's growth. Here we provide some tips on healthy during pregnancy.

Visit a Physician Regularly
During pregnancy, mothers can visit a physician/doctor regularly. Regularly check the baby in the womb is useful to know the condition and growth of the fetus. Likewise, if there is anything wrong in pregnancy should be immediately checked by a physician. Do this until the last month of pregnancy.

Important Eat Nutritious Foods
Begin to eat nutritious foods; it is important for pregnant women and fetal growth. Maternal diet usually eats small meals but often, about 5-6 times per day. It's better than eating large servings in 3 per day, a diet with smaller portions and more often to reduce nausea and vomiting in the morning, and stomach pain.

Folic Acid and Zinc
Healthy foods for pregnant mothers are foods that contain folic acid and zinc. Folic acid is useful for preventing neural tube defects in infants and spine. Foods that contain folic acid present in cereals, brown rice, oranges, green vegetables, beans, broccoli, and more. Zinc is useful to prevent anemia during pregnancy. Anemia is very dangerous for pregnant women, can cause bleeding during childbirth.

Avoid Cigarette Smoke
Cigarette and tobacco smoke are very harmful to the health of mother and fetus. Avoid cigarette smoke; try not to become passive smokers. If your husband is a smoker, warn not to smoke near you. And if you're also a smoker, stop smoking better. Cigarette smoke will make your baby born weighing less, easily hurt, slow growth; it can even cause miscarriage and death in the womb.

Drinking Adequate Water
Drinking adequate water is another important thing to note for pregnant women. Drinking lots of water is very useful for pregnant women, because the incoming fluid will help to increase the blood volume that occurs during pregnancy. Drink at least 6-8 glasses a day, can be fruit juice, milk, or water.

Taking Medications Safely
Be careful when taking some drugs. If you are attacked by a disease or pain, be careful taking drugs. You should immediately consult your physician before taking it. If you are pregnant and taking medication without rules would be harmful to the fetus in the womb.

Remain Active During Pregnancy
Pregnant women should remain active. Pregnant women can also do exercise such as walking. Taking a pregnancy exercise classes are also good, in addition to the benefits to the mother and fetus, the pregnant women in the class are able to share experiences and gain knowledge. In between activities, do not forget to rest

Vaccination During Pregnancy
Another important thing is vaccinated during pregnancy. Pregnant women should talk to their physicians to figure out which vaccines they might need and whether they should get them during pregnancy or wait until after their child is born. Hepatitis B, Influenza and Tetanus/Diphtheria are considered safe to give to women who might be at risk of infection.

Nurse-Physician Collaboration

To achieve effective service the nurses, physician and healthcare team should collaborate with each other. No one group can claim more power over others. Each profession has different character so that when combined can be a force for achieving the desired goals. 

Nurse Physician Workplace Collaboration
With good communication and respect for other professions in shared decision-making (in collaboration) in the group it will create a good work team so committed to providing a comprehensive service can be created. Opinion between physician and nurses need to be a standard domain with (physician-nurse) standard.
There are significant differences in the collaboration between groups of patients with severe, moderate, and independent. Practice negotiating collaboration on many stages in patients partially dependent (being) because of the patient's full dependence (severe) physicians only give direction and decisions without consulting nurse.

Of the need for education and socialization practices of collaboration among work teams managed care health or health professions ranging from education situation. For hospitals need to improve the quality of nursing care health. An increase in nurse education and good communication between team and patient to work, and to improve the practice of collaboration needs to be a shared commitment between leaders (structural) and functional (health professions), where the principal can adopt managed care and socializing and can be applied to services.

How to Teach 1st Grade

Teaching 1st grade will be different by teaching high school students. Required certain techniques so that the child can absorb lessons more fun considering the psychological child is still in the early learning stages.

The voice sounded clear enough by children, intonation, etc. are things that are very important to be possessed by the teacher. For early elementary grades, they are still considered early childhood, before providing early childhood learning, as teachers need to recognize the characteristics of elementary school age children first. Do not forget to always give something new and varied for them. No need expensive, objects in the environment can be the object of exploration for children.

The period is also very short of their concentration. Thus, teachers must have a second plan, and even third, fourth plan needs to be prepared for them so they do not saturate. Keep in mind that early childhood is a period play. Thus, the instruction given to them should be based on the principles of play (fun, children can explore, gain a lot of experience).

Children are not miniature adults but they have the characteristics and uniqueness of each. So, do not equate them with the high school kids that are easier on the set and was able to concentrate for a long time.

HP unveils budget Windows Stream notebooks with 1TB OneDrive storage

HP has unveiled low-cost Windows 8.1-based Stream notebooks and two Windows 8.1 Stream tablets.

If bright blue and purple notebooks make you happy at work, then HP's two new Windows 8 Stream notebooks could be your next device, thanks to a price tag that undercuts HP's new Chromebook lineup and a rather sizeable chunk of cloud storage.

Priced to compete head on with Chromebooks and aimed at consumers who want to "work and play", the 11.6-inch HD display Stream will be available for purchase in the US from November from $200, while the 13.3-inch Stream will be available from $230. 

Like Chromebooks, Stream devices are meant to operate mostly through a browser with enough additional chops, thanks to Windows, to run apps locally.

They also come with a bevy of Microsoft extras, including 1TB of OneDrive storage for a year, though that's a special introductory offer, which may dial back to the original 200GB slated for the devices.

The HP Stream notebooks also include a one year subscription to Office 365 Personal, and a $25 gift card to spend on apps, videos or Xbox games from the Microsoft Store.

The larger HP Stream will also include an optional 200MB of free 4G data each month from T-Mobile, although that's a limited time offer. It's also the only model available with a touchscreen option.

The two new devices join the recently announced 14-inch HP Stream notebook, which starts at $299, but instead of an AMD processor, the smaller notebooks are powered by an Intel Celeron processor and have 32GB of eMMC flash memory.

According to HP, the 11.6-inch Stream has an eight hours and 15 minutes battery life while playing HD video, while it's up to seven hours and 45 minutes for the 13.3 inch device under the same conditions.

Also launching from HP are two new tablets, the Intel-based HP Stream 7 and HP Stream 8, which again are Windows 8.1 based devices and similarly come with extras from Microsoft.

As their names suggest, the new tablets have seven-inch and eight-inch displays, and come with a one year Office 365 subscription, and 1TB of OneDrive storage for one year. The Stream 8 includes the same 4G data deal as the 13.3 inch Stream notebook.

The HP Stream 7 starts at $100, while the HP Stream 8 starts at $150.

31 ways to improve your iPhone's battery life

Making the most out of your iPhone's battery (updated for iOS 8)
Although iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus land with better or the same battery life as their predecessors, they can’t compare to some of the other devices on the market, which can last in some cases for days at a time. 

iOS 8 comes with a number of improvements but also new features that can drain your battery life even further.

These tweaks aim to extend your battery life — at times forsaking some of the new functionality — allowing you to get the best out of your new or existing iPhone.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Pemijahan Ikan Lele Secara Sederhana Atau Tradisional 2014

Salam Budidaya....

Pada Postingan kali ini Raja Lele Mangkutana akan membahas tentang Cara Pemijahan Ikan Lele Dengan Metode Sederhana, atau Tradisional, cara ini juga terkenal dengan cara konvensional, sebelum kita membahasnya, mungkin ada pembudidaya lele yang bertanya apa yang itu Pemijahan ? yang dimaksud pemijahan adalah, proses pencampuran, penggabungan, atau meletakan ikan lele jantan dan ikan lele betina yang sudah matang untuk melakukan reproduksi. 

Syarat Melakukan Pemijahan Ikan Lele Secara Sederhana 2014

  • Lakukan Pemeriksaan Kematangan Gonad  Pada Induk lele Jantan Dan Betina.
Untuk melakukan pekerjaan pemeriksaan kematangan gonad pada ikan lele jantan dan betina, diperlukan ektra hati-hati, dan lakukan dengan waktu yang sesingkat mungkin, dan yang terpenting adalah jangan menimbulkan luka pada indukan yang akan diperiksa, bila sedkit saja terluka, maka proses pemijahan akan mengalami kegagalan. Teknis pemeriksaan induk lele dapat menggunakan sebuah alat yang bernama Kateter yang bentuknya seperti sedotan kecil, dengan diameter 3mm.

  • Sediakan Kolam Atau Wadah Pemijahan
Menyediakan Kolam Atau wadah untuk pemijahan adalah wajib hukumnya, wadah atau kolam dapat mengunakan bahan semen atau fiber dengan ukuran 2 m X 1 m dengan ketinggian air Optimal 25-35 cm. Dan perlu diingat kolam ataupun wadah tersebut harus tersedia Kakaban, apa itu kakaban ? kakaban adalah tempat menempelnya telur lele, kakaban sendiri terbuat dari ijuk yang dijepit dengan menggunakan bamboo yang masih muda,  sebelum kakaban itu gunakan, lakukan suci hama dan pembersihan. Untuk satu pasang induk ikan lele jantan dan betina dapat menggunakan 4 kakaban yang berukuran 1,5 m.
 Ciri-Ciri Indukan Lele  Betina Yang Sudah Siap Memijah

  • Indukan  Betina Lele terkesan jinak, dan cara berenangnya lambat, sehingga mudah sekali untuk ditangkap
  • Bagian Perut Indukan Betina Nampak sekali membesar, dan bila kita memegangnya akan tersa sekali lembek
  • Bila kita melakukan pengurutan atau Stripping ke arah perut sampai kebawah dekat ekor, maka akan keluar Telur yang berwarna kekuning-kuningan
 Ciri-Ciri Indukan Lele Jantan Yang Sudah Siap Memijah

  • Gerakan berenangnya sangat lincah sehingga sangat sulit kita menangkapnya
  • Tubuh indukan lele jantan lebih ramping, dengan warna kemerah-merahan.
  • Jika perut indukan lele jantan kita urut atau melakukan stripping maka akan keluar cairan yang berwarna putih kental.

Cara Memijah Ikan Lele  Dengan Metode Sederhana, Tradisional Dan Konvensional

Cara memijahkan lele dengan menggunakan metode, sederhana, tradisional dan konvensional sebenarnya menggunakan Teknik secara alami, yaitu memasukkan indukan lele jantan dan betina kedalam wadah atau kolam pemijahan yang sudah dipersiapkan, dan kita tinggal menunggu hasilnya. Ikan Lele memijah biasanya akan berlangsung pada malam hingga pagi hari sekitar Jam 22:00 sampai dengan jam 05:00 Pagi hari. Keberhasilan dengan metode ini sangat dipengaruhi dengan kondisi lingkungan dan indukan ikan lele yang harus benar-benar siap untuk memijah, air dan kolam juga sangat mempengaruhi keberhasilan pemijahan tersebut.

Teknik pemijahan ini sebenarnya mempunyai kelemahan, yaitu terlalu lamanya kita menunggu lele memijah, dan kadangkala hasil pemijahan  tidak sesuai dengan yang kita inginkan.

Selamat Mencoba..

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mesin Pembuat Pelet Lele Otomatis Karya Mahasiswa Stikom Surabaya

Satu lagi karya anak bangsa yang patut kita banggakan di tahun 2014 ini, sebuah produk inovatif telah lahir di hadapan Masyarakat Indonesia, yaitu mesin pembuat pelet lele otomatis karya mahasiswa STIKOM Surabaya. Alat Pembuat pelet lele yang masih belum diberi nama ini, diciptakan oleh Fandi Surya Permana dan Jimmy Rosandy, Keduanya adalah mahasiswa S1 Sistem Komputer STIKOM Surabaya.

Mesin pembuat pelet ini terdiri dari motor 1 fasa dan  motor 3 fasa sebagai penggerak, dan di dalam mesin tersebut sudah tertanam mixer, fungsi mixer itu sendiri sebagai pengaduk adonan.

Mesin Pembuat Pelet lele Otomatis
Alat yang sangat berguna bagi pembudidaya lele ini mampu menampung 10-15 Kg Adonan, adapun bahan adonan Tersebut sangat mudah di cari  Yaitu  :

  • Tepung Tapioka
  • Jagung
  • Ikan Rucah
  • Dedak
  • Bungkil Kedelai
  • Air

Setelah bahan kita siapkan, selanjutnya bisa kita masukkan ke dalam mesin tersebut, proses pengadukan tersebut bisa memakan waktu 5-10 Menit, setelah tercampur semua maka proses selanjutnya adalah pemotongan bahan, mesin yang digunakan adalah  seperti mesin penghalus daging, atau seperti mesin pembuat mie, Cuma bedanya di mesin ini sudah di desain bentuknya sedemikian rupa untuk menghasilkan pelet.

Kehebatan alat ini terletak pada 3 metode tombol yang terdapat pada panel mesin tersebut, fungsi 3 tombol tersebut menunjukkan Bentuk Pelet yang akan kita buat sesuai keinginan kita, seperti bentuk pelet besar, bentuk pelet sedang dan bentuk pelet kecil, dan itu di sesuaikan dengan ukuran  konsumsi ikan lele yang sedang kita budidayakan saat ini.

Kecanggihan Alat hasil  Karya anak  muda Indonesia yang diyakini sebentar lagi akan banyak di cari dan diminati ini, terdapat Sistem PLC, PLC sendiri kepanjangan dari Programable Logic Control, atau pusat kontrol pengendali yang bekerja secara otomatis, Sistem PLC ini juga bisa kita kendalikan dari jarak jauh dengan menyambungkan sebuah kabel ke jaringan LAN Komputer yang kita miliki, dan tidak berhenti begitu saja, pada sistem ini juga bisa kita kendalikan dengan menggunakan jaringan Internet.

Dengan Mesin Otomatis ini, 15 Kg bahan dapat membuat pelet hanya dalam waktu 15 Menit saja, pelet ini dapat digunakan untuk memberi makan :

  • Berbagai macam jenis ikan, utamanya ikan lele
  • Binatang Unggas yang sedang kita ternak

Peluang Usaha Mesin Pembuat Pelet lele Otomatis

Bagi anda yang ingin memproduksi secara masal mesin otomatis pembuat pelet ini dapat menghubungi Ketua STIKOM Surabaya Prof. Budi Jatmiko atau bisa langsung dengan si penemu alat tersebut Fandi Surya permana dan Jimmy Rosandy Mahasiswa STIKOM Surabaya. Soal harga jangan kuatir sangat cukup murah sekali  yaitu kisaran  8 juta an.

Semoga Info Ini Bermanfaat.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cara Memberi Pakan Pelet Pada Ikan Lele

Pemberian pakan pelet yang tepat dan benar merupakan faktor yang paling penting di dalam memelihara ikan lele. Prinsip paling penting dan harus diperhatikan  di dalam memberi pakan pelet pada ikan  lele adalah � Tiga Tepat �   
yang dimaksud tiga tepat itu adalah :
  • Tepat Jenis
  • Tepat Jumlah
  • Tepat Waktu
Tepat jenis berarti, pakan yang diberikan harus benar-benar dari jenis yang tepat dan benar di dalam memenuhi kebutuhan pakan ikan lele tersebut. Tepat Jumlah berarti, pakan yang diberikan harus tepat jumlah dan tidak berlebihan. Adapun yang dimaksud Tepat Waktu adalah pemberian pakan harus sesuai dengan waktu pada saat lele sedang mengkonsumsi pakannya.

Jenis pakan yang sering dipakai oleh peternak lele pada umumnya adalah pelet, mengapa pelet ? karena jenis pakan ini sangat praktis dan memiliki kandungan nutrisi yang cukup baik dan tinggi. Di pasaran, pelet tersedia dalam berbagai ukuran, dan ukuran tersebut di sesuaikan dengan ukuran ikan lele yang kita ternak. Ukuran tersebut adalah diameter 1, diameter 2, diameter 3, dan diameter 4 mm. selain pelet, ada juga pakan alami seperti keong mas, bekicot cacing tanah dan pakan yang diperoleh dari limbah rumah tangga, limbah pemotongan hewan dan limbah peternakan  ayam. 

Jumlah pakan pelet yang diberikan harus memenuhi kebutuhan pertumbuhan lele. Prinsip utama pemberian pakan pelet lele tersebut adalah � Berilah Pakan Sampai Kenyang � maksud dari berilah pakan sampai kenyang adalah ; pemberian pakan utama diberikan sebanyak 2-5% Per Hari dan dilihat dari bobot ikan lele yang kita ternak pada saat ini. Sebagai Contoh, Ikan lele yang sekarang ini sedang anda pelihara dengan jumlah 3000 Ekor, dengan perkiraan bobot per ekor nya 50 Gram, maka pakan utama yang tepat dan benar yang harus diberikan adalah 3000 Ekor X 50 g/ekor X 2-5% yaitu 3,0 sampai 7,5 kg. Apabila pakan utama berupa pelet dirasa kurang maka dapat diberikan pakan tambahan.

Pakan pelet diberikan 3 Kali sehari, yaitu pagi, sore dan malam hari. Pemberian pakan  pelet di lakukan pada saat suhu air masih rendah, mengingat ikan lele lebih aktif pada saat suhu sedang rendah. Pada saat suhu tinggi, ikan lele cenderung bersembunyi dan beristirahat, maka dari itu sangak  tidak dianjurkan memberi makan lele pada saat siang hari.

Di dalam memberi makan Pelet Pada Ikan Lele Hal-Hal yang perlu diperhatikan antara lain :
  • Bila Ikan Lele yang kita budidayakan sekarang ini mengkonsumsi  pelet atau pakan utama alangkah baiknya pelet tersebut direndam terlebih dahulu, fungsi perendaman tersebut adalah, agar pelet tersebut mengembang. bila pelet tersebut belum mengembang maka akan berakibat tidak baik pada saluran pencernaan lele tersebut.
  • Ukuran pelet harus disesuaikan dengan dengan mulut lele, maksudnya di saat lele membuka mulutnya ukuran pelet harus disesuaikan dengan ukuran mulut lele pada saat membuka mulutnya. Sebagai contoh, ikan lele yang berukuran kecil harus diperi lelet dengan ukuran yang kecil dan bila lele tersebut semaikin tumbuh besar maka berilah makanan pelet dengan ukuran yang di sesuaikan dengan  tumbuh besarnya ikan lele tersebut.
  • Di saat ikan lele akan kita panen, makanan pelet harus kita kurangi, dan diganti dengan makanan alami hal ini dimaksudkan untuk menekan biaya pakan lele.
Semoga Bermanfaat

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Teknik Mengemas Bibit Ikan lele Yang Baik Dan Benar

Pak  Eko, seorang pembudidaya ikan lele yang berasal dari Daerah  Nongsa-Batam, menuturkan kepada Raja lele Mangkutana, bahwa bibit ikan lele yang baru dibelinya sejumlah 5000 bibit banyak yang mati, tinggal tersisa 1300 bibit yang bisa bertahan hidup, saya melihat bibit ikan lele banyak yang mengalami stress. Apa Penyebabnya ? dan bagaimamana cara mengemas bibit ikan lele yang benar, sehingga bibit ikan lele tersebut bisa langsung kita tebar ke kolam ? Pertanyaan tersebut disampaikan Pak Eko Melalui Email Raja Lele Mangkutana.
Problem bibit lele mati atau stress sering di alami para pembudidaya lele pemula ketika akan menjual atau membeli bibit ikan lele. Untuk itu pada kesempatan di hari Minggu yang berbahagia ini, kami akan Sharring bagaimana Teknik mengemas bibit ikan lele yang baik dan benar , bila teknik ini kita kuasai maka tidak akan ada lagi yang dirugikan. Dan yang terpenting adalah kita memaksimalkan kematian bibit ikan lele tersebut
Teknik pengemasan bibit yang paling efektif dan cukup efisien pada saat ini adalah, dengan menggunakan kantong plastik. Supaya Bibit ikan lele dapat bernafas dengan baik, di dalam kantong plastik, disarankan untuk menambah oksigen dengan komposisi 2/3 terisi okesigen dan 1/3 kantong terisi air. 

Adapun Teknik Pengemasan bibit ikan lele yang baik dan  benar adalah sebagai berikut :

  • Bibit ikan lele yang akan diangkut  disarankan untuk tidak diberi makan selama 1-2 Kali waktu makan. Sebagai contoh bila bibit akan diangkut pagi hari, maka mulai sore hari bibit tersebut tidak perlu diberi makan. Tujuannya agar bibit ikan lele tidak terlalu banyak membuang kotoran di saat sedang di dalam kantong plastik tersebut.
  • Kantong plastik yang akan digunakan harus cukup besar, yang dapat diisi air antara 20-100 Liter
  • Kantong plastik yang sudah disiapkan diisi dengan air hingga sepertiganya jangan sampai lebih
  • Perhatikan bibit ikan lele yang akan dimasukkan  ke dalam kantong plastik, perhatikan juga kepadatannya, untuk ukuran bibit 3-5 cm, sebaiknya kepadatannya tidak lebih dari 100 Ekor/liter
  • Setelah bibit lele dimasukkan ke dalam kantong plastik, isi kantong tersebut dengan udara, disarankan menggunakan pompa oksigen khusus.
  • Bila cara diatas sudah dilaksanakan maka, teknik terakhir adalah mengikat ujung plastik dengan menggunakan karet. Dan pastikan kantong plastik tidak dalam keadaan bocor. Setelah dirasa benar-benar aman, maka silahkan mengangkut bibit ikan lele tersebut.

Apabila pengiriman bibit harus menempuh jarak yang jauh dengan waktu yang cukup lama, sebaiknya kepadatan bibit dikurangi, namun bila jarak pengirimannya dekat, kepadatan bibit lele boleh ditambah sampai ambang batas maksimal.   

Komposisi pengisian bibit lele yang bagus adalah bila jarak pengangkutan bibit tersebut menempuh waktu 4-10 jam maka bibit lele yang harus dimasukan sejumlah 100-150 bibit,  bila jarak tempunya memakan waktu 10-20 jam lebih, disarankan memasukkan bibit 75-100 ekor. Dan bila jarak tempuhnya lebih dari 20 Jam maka disarankan kantong plastik tersebut diisi kurang dari 75 bibit lele.

Semoga Tips Ini Bermanfaat.. Selamat Mencoba.